Personal Approach

“By establishing an ongoing relationship and providing unbiased progress reports, I give my clients the confidence of knowing a caring, competent professional is watching over things for them.
-Chris Neufeld

Everyone knows it's important to save for retirement; however, very few realize how essential it is to invest those savings for long-term financial health.

Chris Neufeld realizes that truth. As your financial consultant, he'll generously share years of experience in retirement planning - to deliver the personal, one-on-one attention, service and resources you need to invest with confidence.

As an independent consultant, Chris has the autonomy to recommend the most appropriate investment products from a variety of select companies. This helps him tailor a plan customized to meet your unique needs and goals.

Standing watch over your future

With a combination of personal service, exceptional communication skills, and years of retirement planning and investment rollover experience, Chris Neufeld can guide you toward a financially independent retirement. Give him a call today.